Dearest fellow travellers,

It is very much on mine and Linette’s hearts to let you know about where we are at with the album. We are very aware that a lot of you have sown into this album either by donations or by placing pre-orders for it. One thing that we really want to convey to you is this – we haven’t forgotten about you and your pre-order is safe!! 

The album is taking much longer than expected due to many contributing factors, some unavoidable and some unforeseen – this is the nature of making albums, unfortunately, even when you have hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars to do it with so this has meant our proposed and well meaning deadlines have been pushed back, sorry!

We spent four days at ‘The Cottage – residential recording studio’ near Inveraray in Argyll and Bute recording and living together which was great fun – hard work, rewarding and fun all at the same time. We wanted the album to be recorded “live” to capture a “live feel” as opposed to so many other albums which are recorded traditionally – one instrument at a time, everything perfect, vocals auto-tuned and little or no feel left after all that process. We wanted the album to sound professional, but still have a “raw” element – an element of “what’s going to happen next?” and I think we’ve captured that.

Recording one song traditionally in four days is a normal length of time but we had to record seven! so the pressure was on. Thankfully we were very well rehearsed and even although it sometimes took a few takes we managed to bag all seven songs. One of the problems of recording live is that if you make a mistake, and it’s a real bad mistake, the whole band have to start again, so there’s a fair bit of pressure that goes with recording live – that combined with the fact that we had little time and little space to record seven songs in meant that our time at the studio was a bit of a pressure cooker. I’m pleased to say that despite that we all made it out in one piece and relatively unscathed. The only scars being from the never-ending onslaught of midges coming from Loch Fyne, which was on our doorstep -ooft! :-0

Linette and I wanted everyone in the band’s experience of making the album a journey and one that they would treasure and I think we accomplished that. Our recent pre-album showcase at ‘Stereo’ in Glasgow was a welcome public release of the songs for the band and gave us a chance to take some of the pressure off. A big thanks to all who attended the show, it was great fun for us and hopefully for you too. 🙂

We are now in the time consuming and some might say boring part of the album production which is the mixing and mastering of the songs. Thankfully we are armed with two amazing gentlemen who’s talents have been invaluable in this process – Corbin Miles, our recording engineer, mixer and masterer and ‘Captain’ David Hippey, our live engineer, who is helping produce.

Corbin is doing a wonderful job and capturing our sound well, there is a lot to mix as there are eight members in the band all jumping in and out of songs that aren’t “run of the mill” tunes, so mixing all that is no easy task. He has just finished mixing ‘The Wait Is Nearly Over’ though and it sounds amazing, we all had goose bumps listening to it! – hopefully you will have too, upon receiving your copy of the album or digital download.

Once again, Linette and I would like to apologise for the length of time some of you have had to wait for your product, please believe that we never intended to keep you waiting as long, but we are adamant that instead of bowing to pressures that we will continue to carry on steadily and release a quality product to you, instead of one which is rushed and released before it’s really meant to be. We would also like to thank you all for your patience and grace, which has been so appreciated in this process and to reassure you that the wait, the wait is nearly over…

Thank you all for your support and blessings, we’ll be in touch again soon!

Bless yees – K.G.


The Wait Is Nearly Over